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linguine with mussels & clams

First, the mussels and clams were steamed in a pan with some white wine.  In a separate pan, I heated olive oil, added a few garlic slices and diced onion, then after a few minutes of sautéing, added canned san marzano tomatoes … Continue reading

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spaghetti alla bottarga

This is spaghetti alla bottarga made with Taiwanese mullet roe (“wu yu zi”).  I could not get enough of it ever since my friend Daphne first made it for me.  The most common way to serve mullet roe in Taiwan is … Continue reading

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fresh fruit cheesecake tart

I made this fruit tart awhile ago and I wanted to share it because it was a dessert that looked and tasted scrumptious. I found the recipe on the epicurious site: The only changes to the recipes were the … Continue reading

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salmon and roe spaghetti

I usually prefer tomato-based pastas, but once in awhile, I try something different  and I’m always excited when the dish turns out delicious. I love salmon roe and came across this pasta recipe that uses it with smoked salmon, white … Continue reading

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crazy for camellia

Since discovering camellia oil three years ago, I became obsessed.  Camellia oil is also known as “olive oil of the east”, but I was surprised to learn that many from Taiwan are either not familiar with it or simply do not use … Continue reading

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