fresh fruit cheesecake tart

I made this fruit tart awhile ago and I wanted to share it because it was a dessert that looked and tasted scrumptious. I found the recipe on the epicurious site:

The only changes to the recipes were the fruits and glaze, because I didn’t like the idea of putting papayas on tarts and I didn’t have guava jelly or crab apple jelly.  The sweet cheesecake filling was balanced with strawberries, mango slices, blueberries, and kiwi.  I also went easy on the glaze (strawberry) as I am not crazy about thick glazes and didn’t have a problem with keeping the fruits fresh for the couple of hours before the tart was served.

It was also my first time making pastry crust and I made a note to use the crust recipe as a base for other tarts.  The crust was simple enough to make, and tasted just right when biting into its buttery and flaky goodness.

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